jacques barillonJacques Barillon completed his law studies in Geneva, his native city. At the law faculty, he was assisting Prof. Pierre Lalive working in the domain of international private law and Prof. Jacques-Michel Grossen who specialized in the civil law of filiation. After acquiring his lawyer’s licence, he opened his first law firm in December 1980 as a result of his professional vocation that he first realised at age of 15 years old.

At the dawn of his professional career, Jacques Barillon specialized in dealing with criminal cases and was pleading in the important trials in Switzerland and abroad, particularly in France (the murder of judge Michel, Elf, Order of the Solar Temple and many others). While working as an intern, he had a great privilege to become a member of the Criminal Law Commission of the Geneva’s Bar Council, formed by the well-known criminal lawyers, legal practitioners in Switzerland and abroad. Nowadays, he has honourable statute of a recognized professional expert in the field of the criminal law, particularly in cases related to the allegation of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Conjointly with Dr. Paul Bensussan, psychiatrist, sexologist and the expert at the Court of Cassation in France and at the International Criminal Court, Jacques Barillon has authored two reputable books, Criminal Desire (Odile Jacob 2004) and the New Code of Sexuality (Odile Jacob 2007). At that, he has a solid academic and practical knowledge in criminology.

For years, Jacques Barillon has been advising individuals, directors of the corporate entities, leading the family office activity and paying much attention to attribute individually tailored and trustworthy approach to the client.

His main aspiration was to create his firm as an antipode to legal corporations comprising thousands of associates, advisers and councils. Jacques Barillon is working with a small dedicated team of professional lawyers favouring the family based structure which makes the working environment more united and harmonious. He is practicing law in both French and English languages.

Very keen on philosophy, Jacques Barillon has studied the psychoanalysis, and more broadly the sciences of spirit and soul. It is being one of the reasons due to which he has gained expertise in the matrimonial law, where this knowledge is not just an essential asset, but is a fundamental determinant. Being a recognized specialist in this sophisticated field, Jacques Barillon pleads in French speaking cantons as well as in France. Moreover, he is constantly involved in the international cases dealing with civil and criminal issues.

Jacques Barillon has authored nearly twenty books published in Switzerland and in France. 

Besides his skilful lawyer’s ability, he is an avid reader, a music lover and very passionate about sport.

Jacques Barillon is a member of the Swiss Bar Association, Geneva Bar Association, Commission of oratory competition that he has chaired in 2011 and he was a member of Commission of criminal law until August 2019.